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what is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent method of enhancing and shaping brows. The technique involves inking individual, tiny, strokes into the skin, sort of like a tattoo. Using a hand tool equipped with microblades (similar to a pen), pigment is drawn directly into the skin. The result is crisp, natural, hair-like strokes that fill in and reshape your brows. Because the inking doesn't go as deep as a tattoo, the result is crisper, but also only semi-permanent. The resulting brows last from eight (8) months to two (2) years and the procedure takes approximately two (2) hours.

Maven Brow and Beauty | microblading


Before we begin, I will apply a numbing cream to the brow area. Once the cream is applied, we go over the procedure intake forms and after care instructions. This allows the numbing cream to take effect before we begin. When the numbing cream is removed, we work together to shape and design your brows in a way that best suits your facial structure and features. If you already pencil or draw on your brows, please come with them done, so we can take the shape into consideration. To ensure that the result is what you're looking for, this is a collaborative process - I will make adjustments to design the brows you want.



When we've finalized your brow design, I will stencil around the brow, to maintain the shape throughout the procedure. The stencil allows me to work within the design, ensuring that the resulting arch, body, and tail match the design. At this point, we will also choose a pigment that matches your natural brow colour and your complexion.

Maven Brow and Beauty | microblading


Now, the work begins. Using a microblading pen, I will mimic brow hairs with small strokes. The numbing cream typically makes clients comfortable, but pain tolerances are individual, so discomfort may vary. You will feel pressure as I work and hear a scratchy, velcro-type sound from the blade. Throughout the procedure, I will have you stand up to assess the progress, ensuring that we meet your desired look. The initial visit allows me to determine how your skin takes the pigment, how it heals, and how it looks. The result after your first visit is lighter than it will be after the second visit, four (4) to six (6) weeks later. At your second appointment, the touch up, we will darken (if needed) and fill in strokes where needed - again, ensuring that you are happy with the final look. With proper after care, you will only need touch ups every eight (8) months to a year.

Maven Brow and Beauty | microblading


How you care for your brows will determine their aesthetic and longevity. For the best results, please follow the after care instructions.



Every evening using a q-tip, carefully apply a rice grain-sized amount of after care lotion to each eyebrow - it should be barely noticeable on the skin.


1. DO NOT PICK: Let scabs or dry skin exfoliate naturally

2. Avoid sweating for one (1) week (no saunas or pools)

3. No botox, peels, microdermabrasion for  four (4) weeks

4. No makeup or sunscreen for  ten (10) days\

5. Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for four (4 ) weeks

6. Do not touch brows, unless you’ve just washed your hands

7. Keep your bangs off your brows for one (1) week during healing

Maven Brow and Beauty | microblading


Deposit: $50

First Appointment: $350 plus GST

Touch up appt in 4-6 weeks: 100 plus GST

Touch up appts to maintain: 100 plus GST



Pricing may change at any time. Debit, Credit accepted.


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