Maven Brow and Beauty | Edmonton Makeup Artistry and Microblading




I am an artist: my brushes and pens are my tools, my makeup and pigments are my palette, and your face is my canvas. I've been in love with art, shape, and colour my whole life from sculpting and welding to drawing and painting. And that passion extends to makeup and tattoos. Trained at MAC Cosmetics, I've been a makeup artist for over twelve years which naturally led me to microblading - an art in and of itself.

I like looking at people's faces, mapping out their brows - how it starts, how it transitions, the body and the tail of the brow - it's a rewarding, creative profession. Continually struck by your natural beauty (cheekbones, eyes, lips, brows), I love using makeup and microblading to accentuate your features, to enhance (not change) the way you look. 

I am also a mother (of four beautiful children) and passionate about working with mothers: validating them, encouraging them, and supporting them. That's why I volunteer my hair and makeup services for Athena Raypold and Kelly Marleau's Becoming project.

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